Have way too much money? Buy a Dior-phone!

If youre on the market for a phone that costs more than a down payment on a Honda and does nothing other phones cant, luxury clothing retailer Christian Dior has the phone for you!

Jumping on the mobile bandwagon with rival luxury lines Prada, TAG Heuer, and Dolce &amp- Gabana , Dior has announced their own cellular offering. With the base price of the phone set at around $5,500 bucks, Im willing to wager we wont be getting a review unit.

What does $5,500 bucks get you? The devices touchscreen and camera certainly dont cost that much, so whats the killer feature? Surely, it must do something incredible. Something other phones simply cant. Get this: It comes with a second, miniature phone. This mini-phone, branded My Dior, connects to the main phone in case its ever just out of reach. Revolutionary! You can answer and receive calls with Oh, wait. Thats just a bluetooth headset that you cant wear.

[Via WSJ]