Apple looking for WiMax, UWB-engineer

After the banners were unfurled at Januarys Macworld with their Theres something in the air teaser, many hoped Apple would be announcing the addition of WiMax to their laptop line up. When it turned out that the air bit was referring to Apples Macbook Air, the Apple/WiMax rumor mill grinded to a halt, presumably because everyone was busy checking if they could squeeze their laptop into a manilla envelope.

The rumor milled started achurnin again after word got out about Intels WiMax/WiFi combo card last week, and this job post the guys from 9to5Mac dug up will certainly add to the grind.

From the job post:

3. Knowledge about Bluetooth, 3G, UWB, WiMAX, GPS, Mobile TV and similar wireless technologies and/or experience with wireless module integration into PC system or consumer products is a strong plus

As its incredibly unlikely that the 3G iPhone will come rocking WiMax, it looks like Apples laptop lineup may be getting the treatment sometime in the near feature, possibly bring Ultra-Wideband and other goodies with it. With WiMax (hopefully) taking off sometime this year, now is the perfect time to get the line up prepped.